Helping Pay Your Bills, While You Pay Attention to You!

The Need

Becoming disabled is often an unexpected and burdensome experience, and it can happen to anyone. What if a disability interrupted your job, your income, and your financial security? How would you make your house or rent payment, or cover day-to-day expenses? It’s important to consider these questions because a disability could adversely affect your well-being and your finances at a time when you should be concentrating on recovery. As an employee, you should have even greater peace of mind knowing that your employer wants you to be prepared in the event of a disability. By making Aflac’s short-term disability insurance policy available, your employer can help reduce the worry of financial security during a disability so you can focus on your recovery.

Why Aflac Short-Term Disability may be the best choice for you
  • It’s sold on an individual basis. You choose the plan that’s right for you based on your financial needs and income.
  • We offer the option of guaranteed-issue,1short-term disability coverage. That means no medical questionnaire is required.
  • We pay you a cash benefit for each day you are disabled.2


Contact your local Capital Representative to design your individualized plan. For more information, please contact the Group Benefits Department by phone at 1-800-780-3100 or email at

To file a claim, visit the Aflac Claims Portal.